Profile was established in 2018. It is a small studio but with extensive knowledge and great passion for design; passion that we wish to share with you because we believe that aesthetics combined with new technologies will help you experience life at its best.



engineer, designer

After graduating in Industrial Engineering at the Technical University of St. Petersburg (Russia) in 1998 she moved to Italy to take the master’s degree in Engineering Management at the University of Udine  in 2003, in the same year she passed the state exam for the qualification to practice the profession in Italy. Passionate about italian design she complete a specialist postgraduate degree in Product Design in 2004. She began working with an engineering company to further explore the production processes of furniture industry; continued her career at the interior design studio where she took part in projects of the exhibition spaces, showrooms, apartments and residential villas, hotels, restaurants and commercial shops. In 2018 she opened her own studio operating both in Italy and abroad.

Admitted to the Italian Order of  Engineers (Udine) – pos. 3574, section A – Civil and Environmental sector – Industrial sector – Information sector.