AltriMenti Studio is an italian technical studio based in Udine. We design appropriate solutions for a variety of different environments. Our services can be useful to you in case of:

  • real estate purchase or rent;
  • residential and commercial building renovation works;
  • opening or renewal of the business.

Using the most modern communication tools, we can support you and your projects from a distance.



We are a small studio but with extensive knowledge and great passion for design; passion that we wish to share with you because we believe that aesthetics combined with new technologies will help you experience life at its best. We will support yuo in every step of the way:

  • from turnkey custom solutions to renovations of environments;
  • detailed technical design services;
  • coordination with job site workers.

We are belive that design is the philosophy of the future.

If someone says: “I can do it too”, it means that he is only able to imitate it,  otherwise he would have done it sooner.

Bruno Munari